If you currently own a Potbellied Pig, or you are considering getting one, you absolutely must have our complete report on these incredible animals!

Want To Raise A Healthy, Lovable, Clean, Well-Behaved Potbellied Pig Who Will Feel Like One Of Your Family?

Our book "The Complete Potbellied Pig" will provide all the information you need to have an enjoyable, successful  experience with your Potbellied Pig.

Including valuable help for what to do if you decide you can no longer keep your Potbellied Pig.

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Here Are Some Of The Valuable Things 

You Will Learn In 

"The Complete Potbellied Pig"

(Whether you already own a PbP or are just thinking of getting one, this book will save you time and money!)

The Story of Potbellied Pigs

(Learn the full story about  these amazing pets!)

3 pigs


  • Can you tell your friends the History of the Potbellied Pig?

  • What should you know about Potbellied Pigs before you get one?
  • Is your pig overweight ? How much should a Potbellied Pig weigh?

  • How tall will my Potbellied Pig get?

  • How many people own Potbellied pigs?

  • How long will my Potbellied Pig live?


Types of Potbellied Pig
(Discover the different types of mini-pigs)

  • Do you know the difference between Potbellied Pigs,  KuneKune and  Guinea Hogs? 
  • What is the truth about Micro-Mini or Teacup pigs? 
  • How many different breeds are there?

  • Where can you find good breeders?

  • Pig lingo - do you understand pig terminology? 

"If You Are Deciding Whether of Not to Get A Potbellied Pig Pet, The Complete Potbellied Pig is Worth Its Weight in Gold."

Dear Friend,

Deciding on any new pet can be a difficult and time consuming project. Pets give you long term relationships but are also long term responsibilities. They are fun and loving, but also require your support.

Before you decide to get this pet and make this commitment, you should make sure you really understand the kind of pet you are getting.

"The Complete Potbellied Pig" contains a wealth of information that will help you get a clear picture of what these pets are all about and what you can expect as an owner of a Potbellied Pig.

You can't go wrong whatever you decide. If you do get a PbP pet, you will have the understanding you need to make your pet relationship a great one. And if you finally decide not to get a Potbellied Pig Pet, you will have probably saved hundreds of dollars that you might have otherwise spent on your pet.

Either way, "The Complete Potbellied Pig" is your best first purchase.

Good Luck!

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Buying, Finding, or Adopting a Great Potbellied Pig
(Learn how to select a pet pig that is a terrific match for you and your home)

cute pig

  • What should you know about Potbellied Pigs before you get one?
  • Why Potbellied Pigs can make a great pet.

  • Where will you find your perfect Potbellied Pig?

  • Why you should consider adoption and how to adopt.

  • Where can you find Potbellied Pig rescues and shelters?

  • How long should your Potbellied Pig live?

  • What are good distinctive names for your Potbellied Pig?

  • If you already have a Potbellied Pig - how can you successfully bring in another one?

Creating a Good Home for Your Potbellied Pig
(Learn what your pig needs at home to be happy)


  • How much space should you provide for your Potbellied Pig? 
  • Learn what you need to do before you bring your Potbellied Pig home.
  • Do you know how to prepare your house for your new Potbellied Pig?
  • Learn what things are needed for your pig's first day. 


Potbellied Pig Behavoir


  • What can make your Potbellied Pigs show aggression?

  • How to avoid or correct aggressive behavior in your Potbellied Pig.
  • Is it your fault if your Potbellied Pig is a biter?

  • Does your Potbellied Pig need a companion?
  • Learn how to introduce a second pig.
  • What you need to know about Rooting and Wallowing.

Potbellied Pigs with Children and Other Pets
  • How will your Potbellied Pig get along with Cats, Dogs and Other Pets?

  • If you're allergic to cats and dogs, will you be allergic to Potbellied Pigs?
  • How do Potbellied Pigs get along with children?

  • How do Potbellied Pigs get along with each other?
  • Learn what causes aggression in multiple pig situations, and how to minimize it!
  • Do Potbellied Pigs need the company of other pigs?

  • Learn the best way to introduce a new Potbellied Pig into a home with an existing pig!
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Your Potbellied Pig's Space
 pig pen

  • What kind of space makes the pig feel at home?

  • Exactly how much room does your Potbellied Pig need?


Caring For Your Potbellied Pig 
(Everything you need to know to keep your Potbellied Pig healthy and happy)

pig care

  • How should you groom your Potbellied Pig?

  • How to keep your Potbellied Pig clean and healthy. 

  • Understand how you can tell your pig is healthy and what to do if its not.
  • What you should know about your pig's diet and nutrition.


  • COAT: How often they need grooming and how to maintain a heathy coat.
  • HOOVES: How to trim your Potbellied pigs hooves, how often, and how short.
  • TUSKS: Should you trim the Tusks? What to do if they become overgrown.  When the vet needs to be involved.  

  • How to give your Potbellied Pig a bath.

  • How can you keep your Potbellied Pig clean and healthy?

  • How often should you bathe them?
  • Many other tips for keeping your Potbellied Pig fresh and clean smelling.

General Health

  • Do you know the most common health problems Potbellied Pigs experience and how to prevent them? 

  • What kind of veterinary care do Potbellied Pigs require? 
  • How should you find a good Potbellied Pig vet?
  • What special health issues should you know about?.

pig diet
  • What is the best Diet for your Potbellied Pig?
  • See the list of what kinds of food should be limited.

  • Should you feed your Potbellied Pig dog or cat food? 

  • How much food should your Potbellied Pig eat in one day?  

  • How you can prevent obesity in Potbellied Pigs.

  • What kinds of things you should  NOT feed your pig! 

  • Lots of good, safe treats to give them that will make them happy.
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How to Train Your Potbellied Pig
(What they like to do, need to do, and want to do!)

  • Understand their personalities.

  • Learn how to teach your Potbellied Pig to wear a harness and walk on a leash.

  • Litter Box / Potty Training - having an indoor pig.

  • What is  the right way for your pig to handle stairs?
  • What are the best ways to exercise your Potbellied Pig?
  • Socializing your Potbellied Pig.
  • What are the best toys and treats for your Potbellied Pig?

 piglet jump

As you can tell, I wrote "The Complete Potbellied Pig"
as the ultimate Potbellied Pig owners manual.

 This valuable book is easily worth 10 times the price! We've tried to make sure that getting this book is an easy, smart decision for you.

There are many important lessons in this book which can save you valuable time and money.  Following these recommendations can also extend your Pig's life by several years. How much is that worth?   There are dozens of Potbellied Pig tips which can save you trips to the veterinary - the cost of a single vet visit can be many times the price of our book.  "The Complete Potbellied Pig" is truly a "must-have" resource!

With over 100 pages of valuable information, "The Complete Potbellied Pig" is your complete knowledge resource for these incredible pets. 

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